Evelyn & Bobbie

Evelyn was a model & starlet who moved to New York in the 30s on her own at age 16 to follow her dreams. She represents beauty & boldness.

Bobbie was a world traveler, entrepreneur and prolific seamstress. She embodies purpose & exploration. She often said: “If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something new.”

Their logo is a visual representation of the two namesakes, and the core belief: Beauty and Purpose are intrinsically linked.

 Their Mission is to create the most comfortable, inclusive, and innovative intimates in the world. They aspire to achieve innovation that feels like magic. Their logo symbolizes the infinite possibilities of creation: that there are more solutions than problems.

With the help of their customers, they are paving a new, bolder path. Their fearlessness sets us apart: they are taking on the biggest challenge in the intimates space today, doing what other companies cannot: pioneering new engineering methodologies to support a wider range of bodies and heavier bust loads.

They see a future where all people stand tall and lead from the heart.