Reves de Sabine the art of natural beauty

The simple lifestyle that shaped my sensibilities

The idea for "Rêves de Sabine" was born during the unforgettable summers I spent in my youth with my family in ibiza, off the coast of Spain. It was a place of beauty that encouraged a simpler way of life.
My sister Valérie and I would spend endless hours pampering ourselves, crafting hair masks and body products that were made from pure, natural, and local ingredients.

Our truly ecological lifestyle (our house was fully solar-powered, our water came from a cistern which collected rain water) was what true luxury was all about: the warm sunshine on our skin; the salt on our bodies after an ocean swim; the soothing relief of cool rain water showers; the unforgettable taste of a ripe fig picked right off the tree and grown in the beautiful, rich, red soil; the intoxicating scents of orange blossoms, thyme, juniper, sage, lavender, rosemary and jasmine... It was an idyllic time and place that nourished our minds, bodies and soul.

I am following my heart and sharing my passion for exceptional, natural ingredients with this line of luxurious and beautifully scented natural products, and to pamper you as nature intended.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci