Artisan Parfums Perfume Artisan Parfums - Affirmations Collection - Passion - 5ml

Artisan Parfums - Affirmations Collection - Passion - 5ml

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What can be more sensual than the combination of the essences of chocolate and rose? Mouthwatering! Subtle, herby, and fresh head notes of Melissa and Bergamot. A magnificent and exotic heart of Rose Otto and Cardamom with a Lotus Medley (several types) ignites passion and enlightens. A soul of deep chocolate holds all together and can be seen in the bottle of parfum!

“I am love, and I experience love.”

A Love Elixir that deepens your expression of Love. Helps to remove obstacles to opening your heart, while allowing reciprocal love into your Life.

Scent Notes: Organic Melissa, Bergamot, Rose Otto, Cardamom, Lotus, Chocolate