Banana Pants - b.cush

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The b.cush is a dildo base stimulation cushion! The supple, double-bump design feels divine!

The b.cush has a cushy, flesh-like feel designed to stimulate the wearer and prevent pubic bruising.

Different from the popular Bumpher, the b.cush is a super soft, squishy silicone with a flat backside. The flat back is compatible with most flat dildo base sizes and has a tacky texture which helps prevent slipping and sliding. Add the b.cush for sensation, stimulation and cushion for the pushin!

Great for solo and partner play. Try as an STP base plug. Or use on its own; just slip it into your underwear for extra sensation during a heavy make-out session or flip it around to stimulate your partner. 

b.cush for the push!

Compatible with all flat dildo bases sizes.

Compatible with open o-ring and underwear harnesses.

Always clean before and after use with soap and warm water.

Use only water based lube.

Body-safe premium silicone.

Phthalate free-hypoallergenic