Oxballs - Claw Glove

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Slide your hand in, flex and bend 3 different squishy soft digits. These stretchy appendages are perfect for teasing or getting just the right reach in that perfect spot.

CLAW is made from our signature FLEXtpr™ so it stretches to fit almost any sized hand, adding more size, more length and more reach for mild or spicy play if you choose. You get total control!


  • Made of super-soft, stretchy FLEXtpr™ with enough firmness for easy insertion.
  • 3 digits with different textures for a unique sensation with each insertion.
  • Soft material stretches to fit you and melds like a second skin.
Total Length: 9.5 in.
Finger length: 3 – 4.75 in.
Total Width: 4 in.