Crystal Delights - Sparkle Glow Plug

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Glow in the Dark Light Reactive Sparkle Butt Plugs. Feeling a little Low? Life need some Glow? We think we have the perfect medicine with our new Sparkle Glow Plugs. 

No need for special black lights because they are light reactive. Place under a bright light, turn off the lights and we'll leave the rest to your imagination.

Once the lights are off, you will see each of the sparkling Crystals bubble within. This feature has us tickled, much like soda can fizz your nose. Tempting you to want all seven of our effervescent flavors.


SPECIFICATIONS (are approximate and never exactly the same because products are handcrafted)

Short Stem/Small Bulb Plug
3.4 - Length (in)
1.3 - Bulb Diameter (in)
3+ - Weight (oz)