Crystal Delights - Faux Fur Magnetic Bunny Tail

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This Crystal Delights Bunny Tail plus with a magnetic function Is great so you will be able to interchange later with other magnetic attachment tails and accessories later! If you're not a fan of real fur, you've been missing out on these adorably fluffy, award winning bunny tail plugs. That's just not fair, which is why we are so happy to introduce the faux fur bunny tails!

Just as plush and perky as the originals, these tails are made from high quality faux fur, so you can go fur-free without sacrificing the quality. Each fuzzy bunny tail comes magnetically attached to our classic Crystal Delights glass butt plug, and they are available in all six sizes. Fun, fluffy, and perfect for petting, our tails also make adorable role playing accessories. No matter what, they are sure to leave you bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Our plugs are always handmade in our own shop from high quality Borosilicate glass. Our design features a solid, thin neck and a flanged base, ensuring that the plug is super comfortable and 100% safe for anal use.

Weight (oz)3.4

Length (in)3.3

Bulb Dia. (in)1.3

Base Dia. (in)1.7