Crystal Delights - Colors Against Cancer Princess Plugs

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Are you someone who cares about giving back just as much as you care about giving and getting sexual pleasure? Then these beautiful Crystal Delights "Colors Against Cancer" princess plugs are perfect for you. Each purchase of a plug from this line results in an annual end of the year donation from Crystal Delights towards awareness, advocacy, and research about cancer. Not only are you giving back with this purchase, but you will also be procuring a hand-crafted piece of art.

Each CAC Short Stem-Small Bulb Plug is adorned with a beautiful 27mm Crystal in its base to complement the glass color. This princess plug features a tip that eases insertion for unmatched comfort. Crafted out of properly hardened Borosilicate glass, the plug has a smoothness that cannot be found in toys made of other popular materials. The base is large enough to make sure this erotic art plug stays where it will give the ultimate in sexual pleasure.

A portion of the profits on all of the CAC toys is donated annually to cancer charities. Pink glass recognizes breast cancer and other colored glass creations support other cancer related charities, such as prostate and melanoma.

A “CLASSIC” Crystal Delights branded product indicates the glass is designed, curated and supervised by us to meet our safety specifications and our creative criteria, but we don’t handcraft the glass in our glass shop in the USA. But all “CLASSIC” products are assembled, inspected, packed and shipped directly by us out of our Washington, USA workshop. Over time we will continue to move some of our core products that are made in our USA glass shop to our new Classic Collection product line.

SPECIFICATIONS: Available in one size only
(Please note specifications are estimated, these are handmade products)
Short Stem/Small Bulb Plug
3.4 - Length (in)
1.3 - Bulb Diameter (in)
3.4 - Weight (oz)

- Amber Plug has a Gold Crystal Base / The Gold Cancer Ribbon honors Childhood Cancer
- Lavender Plug has an Aurora Borealis Crystal Base / The Lavender Cancer Ribbon honors "all Cancers"
- Pink Plug has a Pink Crystal Base / The Pink Cancer Ribbon is familiar to most and honors Breast Cancer