Crystal Delights - Storage Pouch

Crystal Delights - Storage Pouch

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Need one of our Made-By-Crystal Delights Storage Bags?

Handmade , padded protective black bags.  Though we suspect you will be tempted to proudly display your Crystal Delights product for all to admire It's beauty, we know you will likely want to properly protect and store it safely away.

Our small bag measure 6.5" x 9" inches and our Medium bag is 8.5" x 14", and features a half pouch which allows you to easily slip your gorgeous Crystal Delights into it. Then you just roll up the bag and pull the two elastic bands around the padded rolled up bag to secure it for safe keeping and a life time of use.

- The small bag is the perfect size for any of our anal products

- Our medium size bag will fit any of our dildo products.

***Please Note: This item is the BAG ONLY and the Glass Product is not included with the purchase

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