Tantus Women's Toys, Non-Vibrating, Dildo, Silicone Feeldoe Realdoe Stout

Feeldoe Realdoe Stout

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The Realdoe is made from a slightly softer silicone that looks and feels like flesh, allowing partners to disappear into the experience. Unlike other double dildos, the Realdoe is contoured to fit the body and requires no harness! This toy can be inserted vaginally or anally for partner play or solo double penetration.

Though created for lesbians and guys who are female to male trans gendered, about 80% are purchased by heterosexual couples. Everyone is enjoying these Patented pleasure toys!

Men with erectile dysfunction problems are using Realdoe as prosthetics. Gay men have discovered that Feeldoe are ideally practical for solo play. One way or another, this fabulous invention is pleasing everyone world wide!

* 6 x 1 1/2 inches