Good Clean Love Lubricant Good Clean Love - RESTORE Moisturizing Lubricant Gel

Good Clean Love - RESTORE Moisturizing Lubricant Gel

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Restore is a gel designed to Restore your body's moisture and natural pH. 

Vaginal dryness and odor are your body's way of communicating and it deserves your attention. Restore is the only patented, scientifically advanced formula to Bio Match and maintain an optimal vaginal ecosystem to naturally deodorize and moisturize.

  • 100% isotonic formula rebalances healthy vaginal pH and naturally occuring salts
  • Provides beneficial lactic acid to Bio Match and support natural vaginal health
  • Made with organic ingredients. Not made with parabens, petrochemicals or artificial fragrance


Directions: Use one application as needed for day-to-day comfort and moisture. Restore can also be used for personal lubrication to enhance intimate sexual activity and supplement the body's natural lubrication. Compatible with natural latex and polyisoprene condoms. 

2 oz with a reusable applicator. About 15 uses.