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Kinklab Agent Noir Neon Wand Kit

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Your secret agent person fantasy come to life, the Kinklab Agent Noir Neon Wand Kit comes in a silver brief case with a combo lock to keep your “special tools” safe and secure – but to be extra cautious, might as well fasten it to your person with the black double locking handcuffs. Inside, find everything you’ll need to excite a response: all-black Neon Wand, Power Tripper, Electro Whip, the Bulb, Comb, Pinwheel, Tongue, Mushroom, Rolling Drum, and the Probe. Your partner (in crime?) won’t be able to stay silent for long. Please be sure to follow all directions and safety instructions.

* Solid piece technology, easy to use and consistent sensation
* Control intensity with dial at base of wand
Case for convenient storage or travel