Malicious Women Candle Co. - Infused With Empowerment Bracelets

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Choose from a variety of empowering bracelets. Thin metal bands fit comfortably on the wrist with encouraging and expressive engraved statements.

Our Malicious Bangles Are:

  • Stainless Steel polished to a mirror shine.
  • Nickel Free
  • Slightly adjustable to fit most wrists- because snark doesn't have a size.
  • Arrows engraved on the ends to remind us to Keep Fucking Going.
  • 'Pure Maliciousness' engraved on the inside of each bangle.
  • Size: 3.2mm Tall, 2mm Thick

Please note that due to extended wear, these bangles can dull over time. To keep your bangle in tip-top shape, simply repolish with a soft cloth. Our bangles will not tarnish.

Important: The black ink may deteriorate if worn in the shower, swimming or in a hot tub. This is normal with all engraved bangles as it is impossible to seal the ink and keep the high shine.