Malicious Women - They Said What?! Card Game

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From the creators of this empowering card game:

Match true, real-life Bullshit Statement cards with the perfect candle clap-back to win all the candles!


Malicious Women Co. was born in 2016, drawing from years of conversations between owner Lacie and her best friend Laura, and how they would have responded to tone-deaf, hurtful, “well-meaning” Bullshit Statements if only they themselves were a little more malicious.

Lacie and her daughter Kacie conceived of They Said What?!™ to expand on the original premise of persevering in times of great darkness through laughter, friendship and a healthy dose of sass. Knowing that they weren’t alone in their experience of the Bullshit Statement, they posted They Said What?!™ on Social Media, asking real women to submit actual comments that they have endured, and were surprised to receive over 800 responses. Those original comments are included in this game.*

Our hope for They Said What?!™ is threefold:

  •  Bring attention to real-life Bullshit Statements, and the damage those comments can cause.
  •  Replace the hurt with laughter, and take the first step toward reclaiming power. Each Bullshit Statement card has a name from a real woman, with a real story. We honor her. We hear her. We see her. We are her.
  •  Drink about it, laugh about it, and declare ourselves Bitches Against Bullshit.

 This Game Includes: 

  • 100 Candle Cards: One malicious candle title, to which players must match a Bullshit Statement card.
  •  160 Bullshit Statement Cards: One actual quote of shit a person has said to another human being.
  •  10 F-Bomb” cards: This card may only be used ONCE per game, per player. The F-Bomb card allows the player to fuck up someone else’s game which prevents that player from winning that round. An “F-bomb” can be dropped at any time during a round, but before the winning card is selected. Trash talk is highly encouraged.
  •  2 “Bitch Bomb” (Wild) cards: To be shuffled in with the Bullshit Statement cards. A Bitch Bomb may be played in lieu of a Bullshit Statement card. The first person to drop a bitch bomb wins that round. The Bitch Bomb must be dropped with the following statement: “I’m not trying to be a bitch but... I win”. Failure to proclaim your bad bitch status diffuses the bomb.
  •  2 “Let’s Get Lit” cards: To be shuffled in with the Bullshit Statement cards. May be played at any point of the game. When a player plays this card, they win the round instantly and everyone finishes whatever they have in their glass. The player announces this card with “Let’s Get Lit, Bitches!”

 Have Fun & Stay Malicious, Lacie & Kacie