Neva Nude - Crystal Creations

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If you dreamt that Mt. Olympus erupted and (instead of gross ash) rained down frozen gems and jewels of power and awesomeness, then you must be a Sparkle Prophet!

Collected, categorized and curated by Neva Nude fairies, these amazing jars of loose, ready-to-wear crystals contain enough multiple-sized and colored face gems for you to create at least TWO FaceStix.

With our easy-peasy process, you just peel and stick for a look that will last all night long (tried and tested ;)

Reminiscent to the stick-on earrings that you rocked as a kid.

Keep this jar of magic gems with you in your festival fashion kit, carry in your purse for on-the-go glam, or be the MVP of any party and glitz up your friends! Get ready to adorn and adore, bb! 

Why Are Crystal Creations So Awesome?

  • For Sparkle Monsters of all ages!
  • Loose Crystal Face & Body Jewels Ready to ROCK!
  • EASY PEASY - just peel, stick, and SHINE! 
  • Waterproof, Sweatproof, & FUNPROOF, holla! 
  • Create your UNIQUE look using as many or as few gems as your pretty little heart desires
  • Enough Crystals for 2-4 FaceStix
  • 140+ Crystals in EACH pot!
  • Sharing is caring - be the star of the show and dress up your friends!
  • It's like a sparkly hug for your mug!
  • Curated collections include Mermaid, Unicorn, Superhero Sparkle, Pastel Princess, and Cosmic Crush
  • Create the ULTIMATE look with our Glitz Grenades wearable face, body, and hair glitter!
  • Compact so you can take them everywhere!


Pastel Princess:

Oh hey Peach and Daisy, look the eff out! Be the pretty, pretty princess you were meant to be with our lovely pastel face gems Crystal Creations. These multi colored lovely pastel face jewelry can be uniquely arranged to create a look that is sure to find Prince Charming...or at the very least an Italian plumber with a penchant for mushrooms!


Cosmic Crush:

Look OUTTA THIS WORLD with our Cosmic Crush Crystal Creations star and moon shaped face gems by Neva Nude. Entice men with a gravitational pull to rival the moon with these crescent-shaped face gems, or leave them star struck with a sexy arrangement of star-shaped jewels. Better yet, embrace your inner galactic goddess and combine the lot for a unique look that dominates this galaxy...or one far, far away!