Olivia's Boudoir Candles Olivia's Boudoir - CBD Massage Candle 25mg, 7oz

Olivia's Boudoir - CBD Massage Candle 25mg, 7oz

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Made with natural skin softening and deeply moisturizing Non GMO Soy, Coconut and Avocado Oils, we add a relaxing blend of Lavender, Rose, Tangerine, Orange Essential Oils and 25 mg. CBD Isolates. Created for the customer that wants a “CLEAN” product, with pure ingredients. The blend of the CBD and relaxing essential oils lend themselves to experiencing a slow and tranquil mood while the relaxing scent fills the room. Lite and let the wax liquefy and use for a sensual massage.

  • Soy Wax: a non GMO wax made exclusively for candle making while being deeply moisturizing.
  • Coconut Oil: is known for its deep moisturizing properties while giving more slide on the skin making it perfect for massage.
  • Olive Oil: Natures gift for dry skin. Deeply moisturizing while adding slip to a luxurious massage. CBD Isolates are 100% pure. Isolates have no THC while adding to the sense of relaxation.
  • Essential Oils: Our blend of Lavender, Rose, Tangerine and Orange oils.

    Lavender Oil The fame of lavender essential oil as a magnificent relaxant extends to the oldest civilizations, which already used it in baths and inhalations to relieve symptoms of nervousness, depression or insomnia.

    Rose Oil May stimulate the brain to release endorphins, often called the “feel-good” hormone. Researchers believe that the release of dopamine in the brain, a known motivator, may be what spurs the increase in sexual desire, while simultaneously alleviating symptoms of depression.

    Tangerine Oil While using tangerine oil, there is a feeling of release from tension and emotional imbalances. You can also use this essential oil to promote healthy sleeping patterns.Orange Oil Serves as a natural sedative oil that helps relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and side effects free.