Rafi Nova Mask Rafi Nova - Adult& Adult Petite Supernova Everyday Mask

Rafi Nova - Adult& Adult Petite Supernova Everyday Mask

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Our Supernova Collection is defined by handmade, vintage, upcycled textiles that have been carefully curated from Northern Vietnam, and re-purposed for your Rafi Nova mask. Each mask carries a story and no two masks are exactly the same. Our Supernova Masks are unique, comfortable and stylish. Expertly constructed with 3 layers of protection. Made out of Rafi Nova's signature handmade upcycled Hmong and Thai textiles, with a middle layer of 100% anti-bacterial cotton fabric, and the inner layer including our innovative Aerosilver™ Antimicrobial Moisture-Wicking Material which is also used on our Element Masks to help with sweat and moisture! Please note: each mask is unique as they incorporate handmade textiles Secure Fit: Adjustable ear loops allow you to customize the size of the mask to your face. Bendable nose bridge: Secures your mask over your nose and stop glasses from fogging up Reusable: Hand-Wash for easy care (plus, it's better for the environment)