Tenga Spinner

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Spiral Motions in Tandem with You!

Enjoy a unique sensation like none other. An all-new internal coil makes the SPINNER twist as you insert, sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke!

The Tenga Spinner comes in 6 varieties, each with unique sensation strengths from their internal details as well as differing material firmness and tightness.


 01 Tetra - Geometric Tiles with Mild Edges

02 Hexa - Hexagon Tiles with Pointed Tiles

03 Shell - Fanned Tiles with Firm Edges

04 Pixel - A Spiral of Delicate, Enveloping Nodes

05 Beads - A Spiral of Varied, Alternating Spheres

06 Brick - A Spiral of Bold, Impacting Tiles


Easy To Clean! The Spinner can be washed under running water, and the product includes a Drying Stand to air-dry the item before storage.

Insertion Length: Stretches to approx. 6.73in

Insertion Width: Stretches to approx. 2.15in