Vixen Creations - Goodfella

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5" x 1-½"

For many of us, our wish has come true: Goodfella is here. Sporting realistic 3D balls that are designed to hang in front of the harness or joque! No more bruises from those O-rings and snaps. Goodfella was also designed as a packy and pack-n-play. Just give the base a pinch and back it into the harness.

Our staff have been using the Goodfella. Here's some of what they had to say: "As close to a real cock as possible;" "Comfortable to pack, realistic size and look;" "Sturdy;" "Balls are nice to grab;" and "Hangs where it's supposed to."

Displayed above in a harness, which is not included.

  • Made of our 100% Platinum VixSkin® silicone
  • Phthalate free
  • Durable and luxurious, does not break down or degrade
  • Warms and retains body heat
  • Non-porous, can be cleaned with soap and water or sterilized by boiling for 3 minutes
  • Non-slip base for use with harness
  • Solid inner core (silicone) for functional use
  • Insertable shaft (from balls to head) is: 5" x 1-½"
  • Balls are: L = 2-¾", W = 1-¾", and H = ¾"
  • Handmade and designed by knowledgeable and diverse Vixen staff