Warm Human - You're So Money - Manifest Abundance Mindfulness Spray

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The universe recognizes what a good soul you are + wants you to have it all. It knows that when people like you have more they do more good in the world. so make it rain, baby!
Scent : Sweet Orange + Litsea + Patchouli + Frankincense
4oz spray bottle
Not Tested on Animals
Try the matching You're So Money solid perfume!!!!

These lightly scented sprays help clean, refresh and inspire
moods, rooms, bodies, clothing and yoga mats.

We’ve added a thoughtful blend of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils to base that includes; witch hazel and alcohol.

Spraying into the atmosphere of rooms (classrooms, bedrooms, offices, yoga studios, etc) to enhance mindfulness, positive moods and set the intention.
Spraying onto your body, clothing and bedding to lightly scent and refresh (great for after yoga practice, working out, or sports practice. Or before you go into a meeting, or at home when you go to bed to help you relax.