Willow's Whispers By Christopher Hoover

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Willow, was the 19 year old temptress, who has the ex Navy Seal, turned writer's lover. Willow, had answered a deviant, an equally  erotically charged ad that Reed had posted online in which at the ripe age of 49, he was looking for a very "special" kind of girl. After trading.a few risque emails, and equally colorful pictures, the two of them planned a romantic dinner. The dinner was romantic, but the "dessert" the shared later in the hotel room that night, was far from innocent. 

In the following months, these two taboo lovers ended professing their love for each other. However, as the months trickled on, it was Willow who was the one who out-foxed her infatuated, alpha lover. 

In the midst of the trauma of being evacuated from the largest wild fire in California, and just days before the pending Christmas celebration, she suddenly left Reed in the most mysterious of circumstances, to fend for himself with no explanation. However, less than 24 hours, after she left him in the midst of their ash covered house, she sent him a distress call, there was someone trying to break into her apartment! Would Reed get there in time? Would he save her? Or would this be the end, of her, of them...



Follow Reed, as he writes, perhaps his best novel to date, as the pheonix rises from the ashes of that foul fire...